Maximizing CRM For The Internet Of Things

March 7, 2016 / GuidesforCRM

According to CMS wire, a staggering 50 million devices could be connected to the internet by the year 2020 and your brand should be able to get ahead with the pack as customers become more digitally savvy.

CRM can help you collect reliable and predictable data in order to meet your customers’ needs and foster better relationships with them. -Hanna Sanchez

A few years ago, the future of CRM was in doubt, as the technology was viewed as outdated and didn’t provide the same nuanced, insightful data on customer behavior that newer sources such as social media did. Thanks to the development of the Internet of Things, however, CRM is set to become a priority for businesses once again — a trend that has been called the CRM of Things.

What Is the Internet of Things?

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